An Introduction

Hello all! My name is Aubree Jolley and I am the creative force behind Jollington Press. I have three daughters and spend my days writing, editing, formatting, and helping other authors become the best they can be.

This blog will chronicle my own journey as an author, but will also be full of writing, editing, and publishing tips for the author and writer, no matter if writing’s a hobby or a full-time endeavor.

My writing style is pretty flexible, and my interests vary greatly, so I have pen names.  As we get to know each other better I will share some stories and will be excited to read your work as well.

I’m constantly learning (it’s my favorite hobby), and as I learn new things about the world of words, whether it’s writing, publishing, editing, or whatever else will help not only me, but others, I will add it here. Most of my posts will be short, like me. I like things that are succinct and helpful. I hope you do, too.

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