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NaNoWriMo: Now What?

If you're one of the nearly 400,000 worldwide participants in National Novel Writing Month 2018, you may be wondering what to do when November ends? You're on track to meet your writing goal (or shortly thereafter), you're loving your characters and their experiences. Why keep that to yourself?                                                  Read More . . .

Writing Your Truth: Five Tips to Help Write Your Memoir

It's not necessary to be a Nobel Prize winner to "qualify" for writing a memoir. Everyday people shape history! If you are feeling inspired to write a memoir, here are some things to keep in mind.

  1.  While memoirs are usually presented in chronological order, you don't have to write the contents that way. Start writing what feels most important to you. You can fill in sections as you go.                                                              Read More . . . 

Family History: Three Things You Didn't Think About

Writing a volume of family history is a huge undertaking, and can feel very overwhelming. Don't forget some visual elements that personalize your family history, and link your family timeline to their place in the world!

Maps make fantastic graphics, whether black-and-white or color. Use public-domain maps (some maps published with taxpayer dollars will fall into this category, both modern and historic),     Read More . . . 

Authorship & Authority

Everyone is an expert on something. Sometimes, that expertise develops into a career as a speaker or teacher. When you have specialty knowledge that others wish to use, consider compiling your knowledge into specialty publications to accompany your teaching.

Turning your topical authority into authorship makes sense for you, and for your clients and students.           Read More . . . 

3 Tips for Self-Editing Your Work

You've written and written and finished your first or second draft.  You may think you're ready to send it to an editor.  Think again.

The more you can self-edit your writing, the easier the editing process will be with the editor you pay to go through your work.  And, honestly, the cheaper it will be.

Before you think of paying an editor, first consider doing these things:   Read More . . . 

The Dreaded “At”

There is one word in the English language which, more than any other, likes to pop itself onto the end of a sentence where it doesn't belong.  It is a malady; a plague which needs to stop!

The malady to which I refer is the Dreaded “At”.

Think it through.  How many times have you heard, read, or even said “Where are you at?” rather than the grammatically friendly “Where are you?”     Read More . . . 

4 Four Mistakes of the Novice Indie Author

Living in an age of widespread independent authors & publishers can be a glorious thing, but it also has a seedy underside that needs to be discussed.  While there may be some giant diamonds among the sea of independent writing, the sea is so massive that it can be hard to find them.  There are, however, some things that you can do as an indie author to help your books stand above the crowd.  While this article is by no means comprehensive, I do want to talk about four of the mistakes I see novice indie authors making, with suggestions for avoiding them.    Read More . . .