Editing, Publishing, and Other Author Help


Are you currently working on the next Great American Novel?  

Almost done with that non-fiction bestseller or memoir?

Every author knows that it takes a team to make a work of art that can stand the test of time.  Whether you are wanting to publish independently or traditionally, your book needs to be edited before submitting for publication.  In fact, any agent worth their salt won't look at a manuscript that hasn't been well edited before submittal to them.

Even after having your book edited professionally and accepted by a publisher, your book will go through rounds with yet another team of editors.  So, even if you think your baby is as perfect as it can be (and trust me, it isn't!), professional editing will help prepare it for its next stage of development.

Here at Jollington Press, we want to help you hone your work into the best it can be, whatever your plans.  We offer competitive prices within four tiers of help for authors such as yourself.  All prices reflect the word count at submittal.  All edits include one round of manuscript editing, with the exception of The Whole Enchilada.

***All editing services come with a 1,000 word free evaluation.  This allows us to quickly tell you if we will be the right editors for your work.  Please note that we do not accept works of erotica or horror.  And if you feel the need to write with copious amounts of profanity, we won't be the right editors for you!***


Tier One - Proofreading

This is the final stage of any manuscript.  We read your book to find errors in punctuation, spelling, and grammar.  You might think that Spell Check would be enough, but it isn't.  Often, there are words within your book that are duplicates, where your fingers moved too fast for your brain; or a misspelled word that spells something else.  We find and fix those, as well as misplaced commas, semicolons, and periods.

Price: $0.01 per word

Tier Two - Copy / Line Edit

Deeper than a proofread, we read through each line of your manuscript to correct any spelling/grammar errors, but also to look for readability of word arrangement and phrases.  We check for consistency in the way things are presented (capitalization, hyphenation, etc.) and will help to improve sentence structure and paragraph transitions.  This tier helps to polish your voice and make your book communicate to your audience in an improved manner.

Price: $0.03 per word

Tier Three - Developmental / Content Edit

Developmental or Content Editing looks at the overall structure of your manuscript, outline, or summary to make sure it's working for the reader.  This deep editing looks for plot holes, lack of essential elements in structure or in characters and offers suggestions for improvement on the back end of your story.  This works best with a chapter-by-chapter summary or first draft (before you think the book is ready to be published).

Price: $0.05 per word of a submitted manuscript, or $35/hour of submitted outline or summary

Tier Four - The Whole Enchilada

Are you an author who is tired of paying for three rounds of editing, then proofreading?  Are you a writer who wants to not only have an editor, but a formatter...and a mentor?  Are you new to the writing game?  Would you like someone to hold your hand through the entire process, from conception to publication/submission?  We can do that for you!  From the first developmental edit to the final proofread, we will be there to offer support through all stages.  Why is this so valuable? Paying for one round of editing can cost a couple thousand dollars.  Having your book edited multiple times is essential, especially by someone who knows what they're doing.  Friends and family are great, but not generally for editing your baby.  You need someone who is not afraid to tell you what isn't working and how to make it work.

Additionally, the process of Tier Four allows you a mentor through the entire process - someone to ask questions of, or with which to bounce ideas.  Someone who won't think you are insane (because we are insane writers, too)!  And, once you have been through the complete process from start to finish once or twice, the process itself is less daunting and becomes much, much easier.  Avoid the trials and pitfalls of the prolonged learning curve by having someone help you through.  By far our best value!

Price: $50.00/hr. capped at $5000

Limited Time Special!

For a limited time, grab The Whole Enchilada for the incomparable price of $2500, half the normal rate!  Your purchase of The Whole Enchilada also includes access to any future courses created by Jollington Press.  Because of the incredible value of this special, limited spots are available and we reserve the right to end the promotion without notice once all spots are filled.

Regular Price
Special Offer 2500