Authorship & Authority

Everyone is an expert on something. Sometimes, that expertise develops into a career as a speaker or teacher. When you have specialty knowledge that others wish to use, consider compiling your knowledge into specialty publications to accompany your teaching.

Turning your topical authority into authorship makes sense for you, and for your clients and students.

When a workshop or presentation fee includes a take-home manual or digital download code, your attendees can be in the moment, freed from worrying about capturing every detail in handwritten notes. They know they'll have the information in hand during and after your time together.

If the workbook is printed and waiting for them at check-in, along with a jar of pens or pencils, they can make notes in the margins, personalizing their experience.

If the manual is a digital download accessed before the session (but after they've sent their class fee!), they arrive feeling prepared to participate fully. For those topics where a post-session download is more useful, you can emphasize the follow-up benefits all the way through your class.

Manuals, workbooks, and additional topic-related content in print or e-book formats add value for your attendees. Many times, you can boost your income by $20-$30 per person just by having take-home resources. You might choose to roll the costs into the registration fee, and advertise the course with "free manual included" or "free download packet code included.

High-quality publications, whether print or digital, boost your reputation as an expert. They broaden your platform, and extend the reach of your expertise beyond the immediate attendees as they are shared with friends and colleagues after your presentation. A list of your specialty publications, with cover thumbnails, detailed content teasers, and shopping cart links if appropriate, make a great addition to your professional website, advertising your expertise to both established customers, and those just entering your specialty.

Make sure your manuals, workbooks, tip sheets, and packets have the highest standards of writing quality: use Jollington Press as your independent editorial service for print or e-book projects! Click through to see what we can do to help you add authorship and authority in your unique line of work.